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Zombie Driver HD v1.4.23 (PC/ENG/SINGLE) RePack

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 10:47 AM PST

Zombie Driver HD Repack by VANSIK
Language: English
Release Date: 10-17-2012
Mirrors: MightyUpload | UPafile | BillionUploads

Zombie Driver When a sudden disaster struck the city, all that time the main character - to run to his taxi. He now has to use their driving skills in the rescue and evacuation of the few survivors. Complicate the task of mutant zombies, which have become citizens due to chemical emissions - a city full of them in large quantities. To get to the neighboring district whole, you have to turn your car into a killing machine - a crowd of hungry chop dead bumper or use a weapon (from a flame thrower to electromagnetic guns)

  • Subject campaign of 31 missions in the open for the free ride the city.
  • New types of enemies, and transportation.
  • Updated sound effects and voice.
  • Epic boss battles.
  • Polished game mechanics and improved camera.

Features Repack'a:
  • Do not recoded / no cut
  • Opening game archives
  • Installation time ~ 3 min


System requirements:
  • Operating System: XP, Vista, 7
  • CPU: Pentium 4 - 1.6 GHz or Athlon / Core 2 Duo - 2,0 GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Video: 256 MB DX9 Compliant / 512 MB with PS 3.0 support
  • Free hard disk space: 800 MB

Link download
Mirror via UPafile
Mirror via MightyUpload
Mirror via BillionUploads

1. Unrar
2. Install the game
3. Play
4. Support the software developers. If you like this game, BUY IT!

The Tomorrow War-SKiDROW

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 08:44 AM PST

The Tomorrow War-SKiDROW
Language: English
Release Date: 30-01-2009
Mirrors: MightyUpload | UPafile | BillionUploads

The Tomorrow War is a space simulation game based on the trilogy of novels written by a well known Russian author Alexander Zorich. It tells the same story, but from a different prospect showing some new facts about The Tomorrow War universe. The game script as well as dialogs have been written by Alexander Zorich. You play as Andrey Rumyantsev, who is just a third-year cadet of Northern Space-Military Academy at the beginning of the story. As the story unfolds you will clash with Space Pirates, greedy Corporations, Aliens and take part in the intergalactic war between two mighty empires. The game features 34 missions, different types of spaceships available for a player to control, 3 modes of game physics - classic arcade one, improved arcade with inertia, and a realistic simulation mode. One of the main game features however is a real time generated planet surface which allows you to fly from space into the atmosphere of a planet and land wherever you want in real time and without any loading. Many game missions require player to fly in planet atmosphere and make combats there. Originally out in Russia, an English version was released in 2009.

  • Powerful game engine capable of modeling whole planetary systems. The engine allows continuous flights from space into the atmosphere of a planet and landing on any part of the planet
  • Adjustable settings – from a hardcore space sim to a near arcade game
  • Dozens of NPCs and locations
  • Different types of spacecrafts – from fighters to ferry ships


System Requirements
  • Operating System: Windows XP
  • Processor: 2.4 GHz or higher
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Video card: ATi 9600/nVidia 5600 128 MB or higher
  • Sound card: DirectX compatible
  • Hard disc: 7 GB available in the hard drive (up to 1 GB additional disk space for temporary files and saved games)

Link download
Mirror via UPafile (2.52 GB Interchangeable)
Mirror via MightyUpload (2.52 GB Interchangeable)
Mirror via BillionUploads (2.52 GB Interchangeable)

1. Unrar
2. Mount or Burn ISO
3. Install
4. Play the game
5. Support the software developers. If you like this game, BUY IT!

Note: Agar gak capek-capek menunggu 5 detik dan mengisi captcha, buatlah akun anda di UPafile dan juga BillionUploads. Atau anda bisa menggunakan akun di bawah ini:

user: memberkoskomputer
pass: koskomputer

user: memberkoskomputer
pass: koskomputer

Tutorial Cara Aktivasi Permanen Windows 8 via Phone

Posted: 11 Feb 2013 10:26 PM PST

Tutorial Cara Aktivasi Permanen Windows 8 via Phone

Mengaktivasi win 8 agar dapat permanen teraktivasi memang lumayan sulit, untuk sukses dalam hal ini anda membutuhkan kesabaran dan keberuntungan yang baik. Dan untuk tutorial cara aktivasi permanen windows 8 kali ini di ambil dari tulisan tips / trik yang di buat oleh juragan alexandria666@kaskus, ada pun cara aktivasinya dapat teman-teman pelajari pada tutorial berikut ini:

Bahan yang di perlukan:
- Skype / Google Talk
-• Handphone kalau mau keluar duit + pulsa banyak
•- Kesabaran
**Telpon ini tidak memerlukan microphone

Pertama tama buka CMD run as administrator. caranya, klik kanan di taskbar pada ujung kiri bawah layar desktop.
Pilih command promt (Admin) setelah tekan yes, dan sudah masuk ke jendela cmd. masukan key dengan command ini: slmgr /ipk *key*
Setelah itu masukan command slui.exe 4 kemudian akan muncul jendela seperti di bawah ini. pilih negaranya. bisa UK/US
Setelah itu klik next. akan muncul jendela baru. Usahakan telpon yg toll free (gratis gak pakai pulsa)
Selanjutnya buka skype, klik call phones. pilih negara yg mau di telpon, masukin nomer yang dari toll free, kemudian call.
Setelah terkoneksi teleponnya, pencet show dial pad. nah ikutin aja petunjuknya, misalkan ditanya home user/bussiness pilih home saja. atau ditanya windows activation window open? pencet 1 saja. Setelah itu masukan kode yg bagian ini saat ditanya waktu telpon
Kode di atas sudah otomatis ter-generate sesuai dengan key yang anda gunakan !! Setelah itu akan di tanyakan berapa komputer yang menggunakannya, tekan saja 1. Barulah di sini anda akan dikasih tau kode konfirmasinya. pencet # untuk lanjut ke kode berikutnya, dan * untuk mengulangi. seteleh di konfirmasi, klik activate. dan VOILA ! sdh aktvasi permanen.

Semoga bermanfaat

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